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Engineering Consultancy

​We excel in:

  • Business Process Management (BPM)  We can help you focus on improving operational performance by optimizing your company's business processes.

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) We can help re-design your processes to reduce inefficiencies, unnecessary complexity or inefficient legacy ways of working. 

Cost Reduction & Manufacturing Growth Strategy
  • We can help you examine your business, streamline costs and identify any particular areas your company may be overspending.  This can come from many different sources – reducing production overheads; switching to superior technologies e.g robotics or less expensive raw materials; reducing procurement spending; or resource reallocation. 

Shared Space and Office Rental
  • We instill a sense of community in everything we do. Our central location in Osaka and Silicon Valley design allows us to share our space with others. If you are looking for a modern and contemporary space, please contact us.

  • Collaborate with Biz Comfort (Japanese) company

  • We have an international team with extensive sourcing expertise in Asia and beyond. We have strong networks with manufacturers and end consumers in the region.

  • We help to source for manufacturer in Asian region and product transfer

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